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Product Overview

EL Current Limiting Fuses

ELS Full Range Current-Limiting Fuse


The Cooper Power Systems ELS Full Range Current-Limiting Fuse is designed especially for use with EL Bay-O-Net Fuse Holders.

The fuse combines the ease of operation of the Bay-O-Net Fuse Holder with the energy-limiting protection of the full range current-limiting fuse. ELS fuses are used for protecting transformers filled with transformer oil or an approved equivalent and for circuit protection in sectionalizing devices. Quiet, safe operating characteristics are ideal for installations where flame discharge and loud operation are undesirable. Since the fuse is submersible, it can be used with smaller clearances, shorter creep paths, and simpler loadbreak mechanisms.  Submersible installations eliminate damage from erosion and chemical changes from weathering.

No special tools are required. The fuse is threaded by hand onto the inner holder of an EL Bay-O-Net Fuse Holder.

ELST Full Range Current-Limiting Fuse
Tandem Fuse Assembly


The RTE® ELST full range current-limiting tandem fuse assembly is designed for use in padmount switchgear filled with transformer oil or approved equivalent. It may also be used in large padmount transformers.

The fuse’s highly efficient current limiting section reduces the effects of high fault current stresses on upstream and downstream apparatus because it limits energy let through during high current fault clearing.  The expulsion section protects the current-limiting fuse from system voltage following a high current fault on the system.The ELST fuse assembly is mechanically interchangeable with the K-MATE™ SL assembly and with other manufacturers’ current limiting tandem fuse assemblies. NOTE: Only components of identical manufacture and ratings should be assembled together and installed in three-phase applications. The “E” rated fuse has time-current characteristics that are easier to coordinate with existing protective devices, such as boric acid fuses, reclosers and power fuses.

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ELST & ELSG Fuse Holders


The RTE® ELST fuse holder is a non-load break device used to mount RTE ELST (Section 240-75) current
limiting fuses in oil-filled distribution apparatus. The handle assembly and the upper contact cap guide finders provide the ease of hotstick operation for fuse removal for inspection and/or replacement.


An outer flange is welded to the apparatus sidewall. Internally a fuse holder is bolted to the flange.
The fuse is mounted on the end of a handle assembly and inserted into the fuse holder. A bail assembly with
gasket insures a tight seal from the environment.
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ELSP Current-Limiting BackUp Fuse


The Cooper Power Systems ELSP Current-limiting Backup Fuse is used in series with low current primary protection devices such as a Bay-O-Net Fuse or MagneX® Interrupter.

The ELSP fuse is designed for use in transformer oil, Envirotemp® FR3® fluid, or an approved equivalent.
The fuse’s highly efficient current limiting section minimizes the effects of high fault current stresses on equipment and the distribution system.

Its minimum interrupting rating is coordinated with that of a low current interrupter to avoid undesirable low
current operation; yet its maximum interrupting rating will clear the highest fault currents likely to occur. Higher
continuous current ratings can be achieved by connecting two fuses in parallel.

The ELSP fuse is used in transformers to protect and isolate faulted equipment. When connected in series with a low current primary protection device, the fuse becomes an element of a two part protection system that gives a full range of fault protection.

This two-part system provides low current protection with the replaceable expulsion fuse or resettable MagneX
Interrupter, and it adds the energy limiting protection of a current-limiting fuse. Together, they coordinate easily
with upstream and downstream devices.

No special tools are required. The fuse is liquid immersed, mounted as near as possible to the incoming primary
bushing to which it is connected. Normal liquid dielectric clearances should be used.

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ELG Current-Limiting Power Fuse


Cooper Power Systems' ELG power fuse is a full-range general purpose current-limiting fuse that provides
consistent clearing of low currents as well as reliable high speed interruption of high magnitude short-circuit currents. Its current-limiting capability limits both peak current magnitude and fault duration, thus limiting the total I2t let-through energy of the short circuit.

The ELG fuse is designed to meet the needs of stringent industrial and utility applications. The high interrupting capacity and reduced let-through energy provide for excellent equipment protection. ELG fuses are used to protect power transformers, feeders and other equipment that can benefit from their energy-limiting properties.

Noiseless operation and the lack of expulsion by-products make them ideal for indoor application in confined spaces. They fit in a standard power fuse mountings and are suitable for indoor and outdoor fuse installations. The "E" rated fuses have time-current characteristics that coordinate easily with other upstream and downstream protective devices.


No special tools are required. The ELG fuse is designed for indoor and outdoor mounting in industry standard in-air clip mountings and fused disconnect switches. See installation and Instruction Sheet S240-80-1 and the fuse mounting manufacturer's instructions for details.

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ELG Current-Limiting Power Fuse


The Cooper Power Systems ELSG fullrange current-limiting fuse is designed for use in pad-mounted switchgear filled with Envirotemp FR3 fluid, mineral
oil or approved equivalent. It may also be used to protect power transformers, feeders and other equipment that can benefit from its energy-limiting properties. The fuse provides consistent clearing of low currents as well as reliable high speed interruption of high magnitude

short circuit currents.

Its current-limiting capability limits both peak current magnitude and fault duration, thus limiting the let through energy.  ELSG fuses have both the low current and high current clearing sections in one housing. This eliminates expulsion by-products discharging into the oil when the fuse operates. Concerns associated with miscoordination of

separate expulsion and current-limiting fuse sections in the field are eliminated.

Also, field testing the current-limiting section when the expulsion section operates is also eliminated. The E-rated ELSG fuses have time-current characteristics that coordinate easily with other upstream and downstream protective devices. The MSLF version of the ELSG fuses are interchangeable with the K-MATE™ SL (A.B. Chance) assembly. ELSG fuses have been tested and meet all requirements set forth in IEEE Std C37.40™, IEEE Std C37.41™ and
IEEE Std C37.46™ standards.
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X-Limiter™ hinge-mount fuses


The Cooper Power Systems Combined Technologies (CT)
X-Limiter™ hinge-mount fuses are designed to fit the mountings manufactured by S & C Electric Company.
The X-Limiter hinge-mount fuses are full-range, current-limiting fuses to be used indoors or for metal clad
applications, and outdoors for cross-arm mounting or substation mounting, for the following S & C Electric Company mountings:
  •  Type SMD - 20

  •  Type SML - 4Z

  •  Type SM - 20

  •  Type SM - 4

The availability of the X-Limiter hinge-mount fuse makes it easy to convert from expulsion fuses directly to a full-range, current-limiting fuse in the same mounting. The designs utilize the S & C standard end fittings
(hinge-end and latched-end) to ensure a perfect fit in the mountings.


X-Limiter hinge-mount fuses are rated at phase-to-ground voltage. This is an acceptable practice when:
  •  Loads are single-phase connected phase-to-ground.

  •  Three-phase transformers are Y-Y grounded or Delta Y grounded connected and secondary load is at least   
 50% Y connected. Alternately, three-phase transformers are separately protected on their primary side.

  •  Three-phase circuits are grounded “Y” connected and lines are single or three conductor shielded with
  intimate ground return path.

  •  Single-phase circuits utilize single conductor shielded cable with intimate ground return path.
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X-Limiter™ Unitized fuse


The Cooper Power Systems Combined Technologies (CT) X-Limiter™ Unitized fuse allows paralleling the two-inch
diameter 4.3 kV, 5.5 kV, 8.3 kV and 15.5 kV fuses to fit the NX® Code 1 and Code 2 hinge mountings. It provides double current rated fused switching when a loadbreak feature is not required. The X-Limiter Unitized fuse has the same electrical characteristics and follows the same application criteria as the X-limiter fuse, described in Catalog Section 240-56. One operation indicator is included per fuse set.
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ELX Full Range Current-Limiting Fuse

The ELX fuse is a full range current limiting fuse designed to provide overcurrent protection. It is completely interchangeable with similar fuses using industry standard clip-style and dry well canister mountings. Quiet, safe operating characteristics of the ELX fuse make it ideal for installations where flame discharge and loud operation are undesirable.

Typical applications include clip mounting air-insulated apparatus, padmounted equipment sectionalizing enclosures, metal clad switchgear and industrial vaults. Since the ELX fuse has no gas-evolving parts, it is ideal for use in dry well canisters. This fuse is also used in field refusible bushings, such as those used on pole-type and live front pad-mounted transformers. Both deadbreak and loadbreak dry well canister manufactured by Cooper Power Systems, General Electric, Westinghouse, and Kuhlman can be re-fused using the ELX fuse.

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X-Limiter Full Range Current-Limiting Fuse

Cooper Power Systems X-Limiter fullrange current-limiting fuses are used for transformer protection, capacitor protection and sectionalizing. Their non-gas evolving element design allows for maximum energy limitation and minimum peak arc voltages without corrosive by-products. Thus, they can significantly limit the electrical and mechanical stresses on the protected equipment and the whole system supplying the fault.

The X-Limiter is tested to meet ANSI/IEEE Standard design requirements for power fuses as well as distribution class fuses.
The standard X-Limiter fuse is designed for clipmounting in enclosures (refer to catalog section 240-59) or for a drywell canister mounting. Alternate X-Limiter fuses that are weatherproofed sealed can also be supplied.

X-Limiter Clip Style Fuses
The X-Limiter fuse’s patented element design allows a “tailored” time current curve and superior full-range clearing characteristics. This ensures easy coordination with upstream and downstream protective equipment such as “C”, “E”, “K”, or “T” rated fuses. The X-Limiter current-limiting fuses have the ability to interrupt any current which will melt its element, from its minimum melt rating through its maximum interrupting rating. In most
applications it does not require derating in elevated temperature environments. For applications requiring higher load capacity, X-Limiter fuses can be used in parallel to double current ratings.

X-Limiter Unitized Fuse
The X-Limiter unitized fuse allows paralleling the two-inch diameter 4.3 kV, 5.5 kV, 8.3 kV and 15.5 kV fuses to fit Code 1 and Code 2 hinge mountings. It provides double current rated fused switching when a loadbreak feature is not required. The X-Limiter unitized fuse has the same electrical characteristics and follows the same application criteria as the X-Limiter clip- and hinge-style fuses. One operation indicator per fuse set is included.

The X-Limiter fuse is designed to fit industry standard mountings. Each fuse is marked with its mounting code number (either 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 or 9). The mounting code number defines the mounting’s insulation level, contact spacing, and contact type.

X-Limiter clip-style fuses fit 5/8” standard clip-style mountings in padmounted transformers, switchgear, sectionalizing enclosures, industrial vaults and metal clad switchgear. They also fit drywell canisters, both deadbreak and loadbreak. In single drywell canister applications the X-Limiter fuse can provide continuous load current capability through 50 A.

Parallel drywell applications provide capability through 100 A. The X-Limiter hinge-style fuse fits the standard
hinge-style mountings in overhead applications.

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ELF-LR™ Current-Limiting Fuse


The Cooper Power Systems ELF-LR™ Current-Limiting Fuse is a full range current-limiting fuse that is suitable for
use in areas where a high-fire hazard exists. ELF-LR liquid fuse replacements are noiseless and expel no hot gases
or burning particles while performing fault current interruptions.

The ELF-LR fuse has been granted permanent exemption by the California Dept. of Forestry and Fire Protection
from the pole clearance requirements when mounted in the field according to manufacturer’s specifications. ELF-LR fuses are designed to protect pole-type transformers, single-phase and three-phase laterals and underground taps.

The full range current-limiting rating ensures reliable operation of all overloads and fault currents. The element construction consists of two separate sections (low-current section and high-current section) which are self-contained in one housing. The low-current section provides consistent, reliable clearing of all currents high
enough to melt the element. The high-current section is a punched-hole ribbon design that controls peak arc
voltage levels and limits both current and energy (I2t) let-through levels  during high-current fault clearing

Tests are conducted on 100% of production in accordance with Cooper Power Systems requirements.
■   Physical Inspection
■   I2t Testing
■   Resistance Testing
■   Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Testing
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Part Number


Select part number for more specific information
3533002M11M 8.3kV/2 Amp
3533003M11M 8.3kV/3 Amp
3533004M11M 8.3kV/4 Amp
3533008M11M 8.3kV/8 Amp
3533012M11M 8.3kV/12 Amp
3533015M11M 8.3kV/15 Amp
3533020M11M 8.3kV/20 Amp
3533025M11M 8.3kV/25 Amp
3533030M11M 8.3kV/30 Amp
3533040M11M 8.3kV/40 Amp
3533050M11M 8.3kV/50 Amp
3533065M11M 8.3kV/65 Amp
3533040M11M 8.3kV/80 Amp
3534002M11M 15.5kV/2 Amp
3534003M11M 15.5kV/3 Amp
3534004M11M 15.5kV/4 Amp
3534008M11M 15.5kV/8 Amp
3534012M11M 15.5kV/12 Amp
3534015M11M 15.5kV/15 Amp
3534020M11M 15.5kV/20 Amp
3534025M11M 15.5kV/25 Amp
3534030M11M 15.5kV/30 Amp
3534040M11M 15.5kV/480 Amp
3534050M11M 15.5kV/50 Amp
3534065M11M 15.5kV/65 Amp
3534040M11M 15.5kV/80 Amp
3535008M11M 23.0kV/2 Amp
3535012M11M 23.0kV/2 Amp
3535015M11M 23.0kV/2 Amp
3535020M11M 23.0kV/20 Amp
3535025M11M 23.0kV/25 Amp
3535030M11M 23.0kV/30 Amp
3535040M11M 23.0kV/40 Amp
3535025M11M 23.0kV/50 Amp
3437851B04M 20 Amp
3437851B05M 20 Amp
3437851B06M 20 Amp
3437851B07M 20 Amp
3437851B03M 20 Amp
3437851B02M 20 Amp
3437851B01M 20 Amp
3437850B01M 20 Amp
3437850B02M 20 Amp
3437850B03M 50 Amp
3437850B04M 75 Amp
3437850B05M 100 Amp
3437850B06M 150 Amp
3437850B07M 200 Amp
3582008M02M 08 Amp
3582010M02M 10 Amp
3582015M02M 15 Amp
3582020M02M 20 Amp
3582025M02M 25 Amp
3582030M02M 30 Amp
3582040M02M 40 Amp
3582050M02M 50 Amp
3582065M02M 65 Amp
3583008M02M 08 Amp
3583010M02M 10 Amp
3584015M02M 15 Amp
3584020M02M 20 Amp
3584025M02M 25 Amp
3584030M02M 30 Amp
3584040M02M 40 Amp
3582030M01M 30 Amp
3582040M01M 40 Amp
3582050M01M 50 Amp
3582065M01M 65 Amp
3582080M01M 80 Amp
3582100M01M 100 Amp
3582125M01M 125 Amp
3582150M01M 150 Amp
3583020M01M 20 Amp
3583025M01M 25 Amp
3583030M01M 30 Amp
3583040M01M 40 Amp
3583050M01M 50 Amp
3583065M01M 65 Amp
3583080M01M 80 Amp
3583100M01M 100 Amp
3583125M01M 125 Amp
3584015M01M 15 Amp
3584020M01M 20 Amp
3584025M01M 25 Amp
3584030M01M 30 Amp
3584040M01M 40 Amp
3584050M01M 50 Amp
3584065M01M 65 Amp
3584080M01M 80 Amp
3584100M01M 100 Amp
43F130-UI 4.3 kV/130 Amp
43F130-UIEF 4.3 kV/130 Amp
43F150-UI 4.3 kV/150 Amp
43F150-UIEF 4.3 kV/150 Amp
55F100-UI 5.5 kV/100 Amp
55F100-UIEF 5.5 kV/100 Amp
55F150-UI 5.5 kV/150 Amp
55F150-UIEF 5.5 kV/150 Amp
83F60-UI 8.3 kV/60 Amp
83F60-UIEF 8.3 kV/60 Amp
83F80-UI 8.3 kV/80 Amp
83F80-UIEF 8.3 kV/80 Amp
83F100-UI 8.3 kV/100 Amp
83F100-UIEF 8.3 kV/100 Amp
15F60-UI 15.5 kV/60 Amp
15F60-UIEF 15.5 kV/60 Amp
15F80-UI 15.5 kV/80 Amp
15F80-UIEF 15.5 kV/80 Amp
15F100-UI 15.5 kV/100 Amp
15F100-UIEF 15.5 kV/100 Amp
83F010HD1A 8.3 kV/10 Amp
83F012HD1A 8.3 kV/12 Amp
83F018HD1A 8.3 kV/18 Amp
83F020HD1A 8.3 kV/20 Amp
83F025HD1A 8.3 kV/25 Amp
83F030HD1A 8.3 kV/30 Amp
83F040HD1A 8.3 kV/40 Amp
85F050HD1A 8.3 kV/50 Amp
83F065HD1A 8.3 kV/65 Amp
83F080HD1A 8.3 kV/80 Amp
83F100HD1A 8.3 kV/100 Amp
83F125HD1A 8.3 kV/125 Amp
15F010HD1A 15.5 kV/10 Amp
15F012HD1A 15.5 kV/12 Amp
15F020HD1A 15.5 kV/20 Amp
15F025HD1A 15.5 kV/25 Amp
15F030HD1A 15.5 kV/30 Amp
15F040HD1A 15.5 kV/40 Amp
15F050HD1A 15.5 kV/50 Amp
15F010HD2A 15.5 kV/10 Amp
15F012HD2A 15.5 kV/12 Amp
15F018HD2A 15.5 kV/18 Amp
15F020HD2A 15.5 kV/20 Amp
15F025HD2A 15.5 kV/25 Amp
15F030HD2A 15.5 kV/30 Amp
15F040HD2A 15.5 kV/40 Amp
15F050HD2A 15.5 kV/50 Amp
15F065HD2A 15.5 kV/65 Amp
15F080HD2A 15.5 kV/80 Amp
15F100HD2A 15.5 kV/100 Amp
15F125HD2A 15.5 kV/125 Amp
23F010HD2A 23 kV/10 Amp
23F012HD2A 23 kV/12 Amp
23F018HD2A 23 kV/18 Amp
23F020HD2A 23 kV/20 Amp
23F025HD2A 23 kV/25 Amp
23F030HD2A 23 kV/30 Amp
23F040HD2A 23 kV/40 Amp
23F050HD2A 23 kV/50 Amp
15F050HZ2IEF 15.5 kV/50 Amp
15F065HZ2IEF 15.5 kV/65 Amp
15F080HZ2IEF 15.5 kV/80 Amp
15F100HZ2IEF 15.5 kV/100 Amp
15F125HZ2IEF 15.5 kV/125 Amp
83F010HC1 8.3 kV/10 Amp
83F012HC1 8.3 kV/12 Amp
83F018HC1 8.3 kV/18 Amp
83F020HC1 8.3 kV/20 Amp
83F025HC1 8.3 kV/25 Amp
83F030HC1 8.3 kV/30 Amp
83F040HC1 8.3 kV/40 Amp
83F050HC1 8.3 kV/50 Amp
83F065HC1 8.3 kV/65 Amp
83F080HC1 8.3 kV/80 Amp
15F010HC2 15.5 kV/10 Amp
15F012HC2 15.5 kV/12 Amp
15F018HC2 15.5 kV/18 Amp
15F020HC2 15.5 kV/20 Amp
15F025HC2 15.5 kV/25 Amp
15F030HC2 15.5 kV/30 Amp
15F040HC2 15.5 kV/40 Amp
15F050HC2 15.5 kV/50 Amp
15F065HC2 15.5 kV/65 Amp
15F080HC2 15.5 kV/80 Amp
15F020VHA1A 15.5 kV/20 Amp
15F025VHA1A 15.5 kV/25 Amp
15F030VHA1A 15.5 kV/30 Amp
15F040VHA1A 15.5 kV/40 Amp
15F050VHA1A 15.5 kV/50 Amp
15F065VHA1A 15.5 kV/65 Amp
15F080VHA1A 15.5 kV/80 Amp
15F020VHA2A 15.5 kV/20 Amp
15F025VHA2A 15.5 kV/25 Amp
15F030VHA2A 15.5 kV/30 Amp
15F040VHA2A 15.5 kV/40 Amp
15F050VHA2A 15.5 kV/50 Amp
15F065VHA2A 15.5 kV/65 Amp
15F080VHA2A 15.5 kV/80 Amp
43F008-I 4.3kV/8 Amps
43F010-I 4.3kV/10 Amps
43F012-I 4.3kV/12 Amps
43F018-I 4.3kV/18 Amps
43F025-I 4.3kV/25 Amps
43F035-I 4.3kV/35 Amps
43F045-I 4.3kV/45 Amps
43F050-I 4.3kV/50 Amps
43F065-I 4.3kV/65 Amps
43F075-I 4.3kV/75 Amps
43F100-I 4.3kV/100 Amps
55F006-I 5.5kV/6 Amps
55F008-I 5.5kV/8 Amps
55F010-I 5.5kV/10 Amps
55F012-I 5.5kV/12 Amps
55F018-I 5.5kV/18 Amps
55F025-I 5.5kV/25 Amps
55F035-I 5.5kV/35 Amps
55F045-I 5.5kV/45 Amps
55F050-I 5.5kV/50 Amps
55F065-I 5.5kV/65 Amps
55F075-I 5.5kV/75 Amps
83F003-I 8.3kV/3 Amps
83F006-I 8.3kV/6 Amps
83F008-I 8.3kV/8 Amps
83F010-I 8.3kV/10 Amps
83F012-I 8.3kV/12 Amps
83F018-I 8.3kV/18 Amps
83F020-I 8.3kV/20 Amps
83F025-I 8.3kV/25 Amps
83F030-I 8.3kV/30 Amps
83F040-I 8.3kV/40 Amps
83F050-DW 8.3kV/50 DW Amps
83F050-I 8.3kV/50 Amps
83F065-I 8.3kV/65 Amps
83F080-I 8.3kV/80 Amps
83F100-I 8.3kV/100 Amps
83F125-I 8.3kV/125 Amps
83F140-I 8.3kV/140 Amps
155F003-I 15.5kV/3 Amps
155F006-I 15.5kV/6 Amps
155F008-I 15.5kV/8 Amps
155F010-I 15.5kV/10 Amps
155F012-I 15.5kV/12 Amps
155F018-I 15.5kV/18 Amps
155F020-I 15.5kV/20 Amps
155F025-I 15.5kV/25 Amps
155F030-I 15.5kV/30 Amps
155F040-I 15.5kV/40 Amps
155F050-DW 15.5kV/50 DW Amps
155F050-I 15.5kV/50 Amps
155F065-I 15.5kV/65 Amps
155F080-I 15.5kV/80 Amps
155F100-I 15.5kV/100 Amps
155F125-I 15.5kV/125 Amps
23F003-I 23kV/3 Amps
23F006-I 23kV/6 Amps
23F008-I 23kV/8 Amps
23F010-I 23kV/10 Amps
23F012-I 23kV/12 Amps
23F018-I 23kV/18 Amps
23F020-I 23kV/20 Amps
23F025-I 23kV/25 Amps
23F030-I 23kV/30 Amps
23F040-I 23kV/40 Amps
23F050-DW 23kV/50 DW Amps
23F050-I 23kV/50 Amps
23F065-I 23kV/65 Amps
23F080-I 23kV/80 Amps
23F100-I 23kV/100 Amps
FAK81W6LR 8.3/13.2kV/6 Amp
FAK81W8LR 8.3/13.2kV/8 Amp
FAK81W12LR 8.3/13.2kV/12 Amp
FAK81W18LR 8.3/13.2kV/18 Amp
FAK81W20LR 8.3/13.2kV/20 Amp
FAK71W6LR 17.2/23kV/6 Amp
FAK71W8LR 17.2/23kV/8 Amp
FAK71W12LR 17.2/23kV/12 Amp
FAK71W18LR 17.2/23kV/18 Amp
FAK71W20LR 17.2/23kV/20 Amp
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